The Hunger is the only vampire movie on the list, and being the 1980s, an erotic horror with some tastefully shot lesbian fare and david Bowie at that.

Fear is such a personal thing. Some people are scared of heights, others spiders. Who knows what scares one person to the next, which makes compiling a horror film list a particularly personal exercise. Some films scared us as children, but not anymore. Some films aren’t scary at all, but are fun in their over-the-top gore effects and cheapness. Some films have no gore whatsoever, but linger with you for days and sometimes years, probing into your psyche. And because the month of October is basically dedicated to horror, the really famous and popular horror films – The Exorcist, Jaws, Halloween, Rosemary’s Baby, Nightmare on Elm Street – are hard to miss. But what about the ones that don’t screen at the cinematheque every Halloween or play 24 hours-a-day on HBO and TCM all month long? The horrors you may or may not have heard of or had forgotten all about?

For this year’s Halloween, we’ve put together a list of 10 horror gems you might have missed. Horrors that are perhaps a little off the beaten path and not always given their due. Horrors that you should definitely watch – some in the dead of night with a big bag of popcorn for a good time, others on a bright sunny afternoon with the doors firmly locked because they’re not going to be fun. They’re going to be disturbing. You have been warned. No kids allowed. Check out the list >

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