10 of Chevrolet’s Greatest Racing Engines Throughout History

One of the great things about being an American citizen is freedom of choice. In the case of automotive fanatics like ourselves, this means having the freedom to order a full-blown 454-cubic-inch LSX454R crate motor online or at your local dealership. Powerful, customizable, and easy to drop into just about any rear-wheel drive car, the Chevy V8 is able to deliver just about all the power you’ll ever need.

Driving cars like the insane Cadillac CTS-V with its supercharged 640 horsepower Corvette motor show how easily a Chevy V8 can transform just about anything into a borderline track car. By firing up that bowtie-engineered V8, you’re celebrating Chevy’s lengthy and well-documented history of building race engines. Plus, the neighbors probably need to learn how to appreciate the aroma of race fuel anyways.

With a racing history that spans more than a century, Chevy’s racing engines division has continuously evolved, and today, it resides under a single roof at the all-new Powertrain Performance and Racing Center up in Pontiac, Mich. Thanks to the guys over at GM, who have graciously opened their photo vaults to us, here are the greatest Chevy racing engines of all time, from the Brickyard at Indy to NASCAR to your local drag strip… red more >

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