12 Things to Do on Shrooms… Tell your subconscious we said hello

Some decompose trees. Some taste great in soups. And some—edible, though not the tastiest—turn reality inside-out, exposing us to wild and uncharted realms of experience. Mushrooms can do a lot of things, and magic mushrooms (those that contain psilocybin, which are colloquially known as “shrooms”) are among the best tools humans have for changing the way we see, hear, and feel the world around us. So, what to do with all that power and potential? The number of interesting things to do on shrooms is seemingly infinite, and we’re here to help you narrow that down.

Some mushroom-loving, or “myophilic” cultures have historically used various traditions and rituals to create a container for the onset, peak, and comedown of a psychedelic experience. Those of us who lack access to such rituals find ourselves trading tips and tricks with fellow psychonauts on the best ways to pass the time on a seemingly endless shroom trip, or activities that maximize a trip’s potential for healing and fun… read more >

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