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12 Worst Album Covers of Eastern Europe Pop Stars From the 1970s

Somewhere in Eastern-Europe back in the ’70s, these were the actual album record covers of pop stars. Things have changed a lot since then, cars, fashion…, and there is less something… on legs in these days! We’re not sure these covers effect on their album sales or how good they were on charts then. Some of the guys back then had their own unique styles, one of them was over 60 years old with “I am on top of the world” attitude riding a satellite in space. “Milance” is a big Casanova, a ladykiller with Prince wannabe look. Then we found out that George Michael stole the outlook image from the big star “Zlatko” ,“Bajo” with stylish suit, hair and old “Tozovac” riding a cannon in a very funny FAIL position… read more >

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