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1938 Vincent HRD Series A

This warehouse find was from a few years back, so if you were all ready to pop for this rare 1938 Vincent HRD Series A, go ahead and be disappointed as it’s long gone and part of someone else’s collection now. Nonetheless, this is a pretty amazing find and just crazy that someone had acquired all of these rare bikes were just sitting for decades in a Los Angeles warehouse collecting dust, but read on and check out the star of the show, the 1938 Vincent HRD Series A:

A rare collection of Vincent and Grigg motorcycles are now in the care of Liquid Asset Partners, based in Grand Rapids. These were discovered after the passing of a reclusive owner, after being hidden away for decades. The bikes include six Vincent Motorcycles, a one-of-a-kind Grigg motorcycle, and a lifetime collection of rare parts. The gem of the collection is a 1938 Vincent HRD Series A Twin, coined by many as the rarest and most collectible motorcycle in the world.

“We could not believe what we found,” said Bill Melvin. “We made arrangements to view the collection which was buried in an industrial building near Los Angeles. Within a day, we were on-site taking notes and photos to document this rare find. It was difficult as the bikes were crammed into tight quarters mixed with parts and other miscellaneous items. It was the personal hoard of a lifetime.” Read more >

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