1964 Ford Galaxie 500 Pro Street

This twin turbocharged black beauty is packing over 1000 HP.

In the second half of the ’50s, much of the planet had its eyes on space. Science fiction is in full swing on the screens and the conquest of space is about to begin. Finally, all that to say that when Ford launched its Galaxie in 1959, the brand surfed the trend and sought to make its customers dream.

Note that Ford was not ashamed to bring out this name to stick it on the bottom of a pathetic minivan at the end of the ’90s. Finally, not to be too insulting to the model of the ’60s, they preferred to replace Galaxie by Galaxy. But to choose between an egg on wheels and a real body which takes itself for a tank with a V8 under the hood, there is no need to think long!

The Galaxie quickly became one of the pillars of the Ford range. Extrapolated in several versions, the models follow one another; Skyliner, Sunliner, Club Victoria, Hard Top Coupe, Starliner, Town Victoria, Special, Town Sedan… and the 500 which comes to oversee the Galaxie family with its 427 ci (7.0 l) V8… read more >

427 FE “Cammer” 1964 Vintage Men’s T-Shirt

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