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1969 Dodge Charger “Scraptona”

When you look at a machine like this and find out it’s the result of a risky, hare-brained business decision, you know you’re hanging with passionate car guys. That’s the ethos that drives Michael Hunt and Lee Clayton, the owners of TredWear. Their business revolves around permanent tire graphics that can be applied to any tire to dress them up. The best way in the automotive world to display your product is to build cool cars that embody the spirit of what you’re selling, so that’s what they’ve been doing, and as it turns out, this hare-brained idea is actually pretty business savvy… read more >

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Communion Supplies

Anything better than Colorado Kool-Aid, the Champagne of Beers, and a few Buds? Happy Sunday! #SundayBrunch #BEER #Coors #Budweiser #Miller #vintage #psyne

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Laundromat Life

The joys of apartment living are many: leaky faucets aren’t your job to fix, smaller space means less to clean, and renting is nearly always

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