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1977 Dodge Tradesman Sex Van For Sale

There’s a 93% chance that you will impregnate any female who climbs aboard, so use caution with this beast.

I generally don’t find myself browsing Bring A Trailer unless something truly exceptional crosses my feed, and I don’t think anything is more exceptional than this 1977 Dodge Tradesman B200 that has been decorated to near perfection and could easily double as a sex van for those so inclined. And once you see the interior, you will probably be so inclined.

The specs on this vehicle are fine, but I highly doubt you’re buying it for 360 cubic inch V8 engine or three-speed automatic transmission. No — you’re buying it for its bright yellow body kit and luxuriously outfitted interior, the latter of which you can just smell after a quick glance at a photo… read more and bid now! >

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