1979 This or That: Trans Am vs. Mustang

Someone posted a poll recently, asking people to vote for either a Trans Am or a Mustang, both 5.0L models, and both of 1979 vintage. The poll leaned heavily towards the Mustang, and my thinking is that those folks are thinking in terms of raw performance, (potential or otherwise) but for those of us who think in cool, the Trans Am wins every time. Sure, there are a ton of variables in each model’s specifications, and yes, both cars sad late ’70s performance can be improved greatly on a budget. If your goal is to go fast, it’s hard to go wrong with a Fox Body Mustang, but if your goal is to just be cool as hell and cruise around with your hair blowing in the T-top breeze, then Trans Am it is!

Trans Am Screaming Chicken 1977 Vintage Men’s T-Shirt

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