1986 Subaru Brat 4×4 Survivor

Most of us likely know by now that the Subaru BRAT is one of the coolest vehicles ever made. Yes, I realize there’s a vehicle called the El Camino which was a very similar concept, but the BRAT wins for having four-wheel drive, a flat-four engine, jump seats in the bed, and an optional “Cyclops” eye in the front grill. They usually lose, however, for being very rusty. This BRAT is not, and looks like one of the best survivors to come up for sale as of late. Find it here on eBay with a Buy-It-Now of $13,999.

The BRAT is well-loved among car enthusiast circles, one of those models that is seemingly able to transcend the boundaries of brand loyalties, making friends with people who typically don’t like Asian makes and models. The BRAT was just so wonky and so clearly the type of vehicle a die-hard car guy would build if he held the purse strings at a major automotive manufacturer. The BRAT seen here has a body that’s in excellent condition and all the factory badges remain in place, which are impossible to find if they go missing… read more >

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