1990: The Bronx Warriors

One of the nice things about an Italian ripoff film is that it allows us to revisit the worlds of our favorite movies. You don’t need any exposition or set up — you already know all about how New York City got even worse from Escape from New York. Just sit back and enjoy, because Enzo G. Castellari (the director of the original The Inglorious Bastards) is at the wheel.

“In the year 1990 the Bronx is officially declared No Man’s Land. The authorities give up all attempts to restore law and order. From then on, the area is ruled by the Riders.”

The Riders are having some problems. There might be a traitor in their midst. And Trash (Mark Gregory, Adam and Eve vs. the Cannibals and the sequel to this film, Escape from the Bronx), their leader, can’t get his mind right “now that he’s had a taste of Manhattan pussy.” Oh yeah — there’s also a turf war that could break out at any time… read more >

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