4 Things That Created The Perfect Storm For ’80s Teen Sex Comedies

The Man Who Voiced Every ’80s Movie Trailer said it all: “At T&A High, the student bodies got a lot more bounce to the ounce! And the Screwballs only have one thing on their minds. If you’re looking for something different but can’t quite put your finger on it, it’s Screwballs! Yes, everyone’s trying to hide the salami in Screwballs! Where homework takes on a whole new meaning. Screwballs—the nuts who always score!”

Screwballs literally proclaimed that the movie was packed full of boobies, and they weren’t lying.

In case you missed it, we’re talking about Screwballs. And if you were around in the ’80s, chances are your local video store was graced by the presence of Screwballs (maybe even Screwballs II), along with any of the dozens of other teen sex comedies that dominated the VHS shelves. The reason for the movies’ popularity isn’t hard to deduce. “By 1982, if you were a teen male,” says The New York Times’ Wesley Morris, “your fantasies no longer had to live under a mattress.” Read more >

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