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420 For Dumb People

I don’t think that anyone needs an explainer on 420 or instructions on how to celebrate, but leave it to the mainstream media to go ahead and assume as much 🙄“Associated with marijuana, April 20 (4/20), every year—known as “420”—has become something of an unofficial holiday. Many cannabis users mark the day by smoking weed. But what is the history behind this celebratory day for marijuana lovers and its 420 moniker?” Read more >

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Bachelor Life

Women: “Men really think it’s ok to live like this.” Men: “Women just hate how little it takes for us to be happy.” Bachelor life

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The First Sext

‘Beauty Revealed’ is a self-portrait by the American artist Sarah Goodridge (February 5, 1788 – December 28, 1853). Descendants of US Secretary of State Daniel

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Beth ’76

Conduct a casual poll of the hardy troops that make up the KISS Army as to their favorite KISS songs; I’d wager you’ll hear a

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