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55 Years Later, The Israeli Attack On The USS Liberty Remains A Mystery

The American research ship USS Liberty was attacked by Israeli forces from both the sky and sea. But why the disaster occurred in the first place remains to be understood. It was June 8, 1967, when the U.S. Navy research ship USS Liberty was attacked by the Israeli Air Force and Navy. The unforeseen carnage resulted in some 200 deaths and injuries to American sailors.

The incident has been shrouded in grim mystery. It’s believed that a military cover up was established following the incident and for more than 50 years, classified documents and strict gag orders had been placed on the surviving crew members. Consequently, a debate has continued to simmer over the past half-century as to whether the attack on the USS Liberty was actually deliberate. To many, the answer to that debate is a dismal yes… read more >


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