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Cigars have been associated with men for centuries, among other things, they have had an important role in cementing business deals and affirming friendships. Some Gentlemen have established themselves as true champions of the cigar, named Sir Winston Churchill, Fidel Castro as well as Arnold Schwarzenegger and many more. But what about the female icons of the cigar?

Why should women smoke cigars? This lady gave us 5 reasons why women should smoke cigars and how she does it… read more >

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Broken Santa

Damn it, it’s Christmas Eve and RoboSanta broke. I just hope he doesn’t start wildly throwing punches at customers or something 😬 Stay Jolly 2006

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Commas Save Lives

A highly literate stripper is going to get that extra green by showing her butthole while banking on the difference between an ‘asshole period’ (yikes!)

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Doggie Diner

Doggie Diner was a small fast-food chain serving hot dogs and hamburgers in California’s Bay Area that operated from 1948 to 1986. The first location

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