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’70 Plymouth Superbird & ’69 Dodge Charger Daytona Taken out by Hurricane Ian

Hurricane Ian is currently racing towards South Carolina, being expected to make landfall this afternoon as a Category 1 storm, which means winds of up to 95 mph. Meanwhile, Floridians are dealing with the aftermath of the deadly storm, which had previously taken out Cuba’s entire power grid. Hurricane Ian hit Florida on Wednesday, becoming a monstrous Category 4 storm (150 mph winds), one of the most powerful to have ever affected the US. And, as people confront the havoc wrecked by the storm, details about a damaged 1970 Plymouth Superbird and 1969 Dodge Charger Daytona have emerged.

Update: Mike, the owner of the Superbird and Daytona, recalls the terrible experience in an interview for cinematographer and fellow Mopar man Douglas Thron.

Neil Walton, a family member of the owner, who is reportedly named Mike, uploaded a photo of the situation on Facebook. And we can see the Superbird sitting on its vinyl roof in front of the garage where it used to be, with at least a dent in the rear quarter panel and what appears to be a deformed rear wing.

The garage is situated at the ground level of a mansion, with Facebook user Robert Bobby Peterson claiming this is located in Cape Coral, FL.

Next to the Plymouth, there’s a Charger Daytona that was also damaged by the hurricane, as confirmed by Walton. Fortunately, the Dodge has its wheels on the ground. Nevertheless, while the low-res photo makes it difficult to tell, the rear window could be broken while there seems to be some debris on the rear bumper. However, it’s also worth mentioning these cars were flooded with salty water, whose corrosive effects are well known… read more >

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