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’72 Chevy Nova sleeper

This ’72 Chevy Nova sleeper isn’t packing your typical 327 V8. It is, in fact, a 5.3-liter aluminum LS engine from 2004. The “valve covers” are technically “coil pack covers” and mimic the look of a classic V8. Other details include the following: all gaskets/seals replaced, Texas Speed 224 Camshaft with matching top-end components, high volume oil pump, new timing chain, and Holley oil pan. Fuel is delivered through Holley fuel rails and intake. New starter, alternator, power steering pump, and water pump are on board. The exhaust is expelled through Hooker headers and dual 3″ Magnaflow stainless mufflers. The engine dyno’d at 324 horsepower at the rear wheels, which isn’t too bad! h/t

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