A Guide to San Juan Nightlife

The capital city of Puerto Rico is the gateway to all things adventurous on the island. From zip-lining through rainforests to surfing along endless coastlines, your daily activities are covered with just a rental car and a road map. The real question I have, however, is: “How are you going to spend your evenings while in San Juan?” Don’t tell me you’re too tired after a long day of activities. Shhhhh, don’t you say it! In a country that throws parties and festivals for virtually every occasion, from Pineapple season to Saint _______ day, skipping out on the late night antics would be a sin. Let’s break down the best places to experience San Juan nightlife, no matter what neighborhood you’re staying in and what night you plan on stepping out, so you don’t have any excuses to waste your life sleeping… read more >

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