a long line of apparitions

As I stare at myself in retrospect, I see a long line of apparitions. Each one a branch of my life that I was unable to live. A multitude of versions, some so similar it’s hard to tell them apart. Others so vastly contrasted that I cannot even tell that they are me. Each choice mapped out in my mind, a winding river flowing through time. I look back at my ghosts, some are better off, others worse. Some I have saved from a terrible fate, others I have doomed to a destination I myself have avoided. Make the best choice possible so that you are the very best version of yourself and the envy of every other version of you… read more >

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Red Riding Hood

Historically, Red Riding Hood is usually just packing some boring snacks for grandma, but this time around, she came to party . BeerWolf 1983 Vintage

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It is at this point within my existence that I am absolutely certain of what I desire. I want nothing more to do with reality,

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