A Look Back at SilverHawks, a Cartoon about Cyborg Hawk People in Space

So, SilverHawks is a bit of a weird one. If you’re a kid who grew up in the ‘80s (or if you’re a retro lover who came to the cartoons of that era later) you might be familiar with this Rankin-Bass production. If you haven’t seen it, SilverHawks is about a group of cyborg police, sent from Earth to the faraway galaxy of Limbo and stationed at a floating space-base called Hawk Haven. Their goal? To crack down on Mon*Star and his Mob in order to keep the good citizens of Limbo safe. I’m old enough to remember it from its original run – I tried to catch it on TV whenever I could, and it was like hitting the jackpot when I finally got myself in front of the TV on the right day and the right time. Their designs were just so damn cool. These people were made of shiny metal, but they each still had some organic elements, and the pop-on facemasks and pop-out wings were amazing. Even today, I think the aesthetics are incredibly on-point… read more >

SilverHawks 1986 Vintage Men’s T-Shirt

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