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A Passion for Vintage Trailers

Kelle Arvay has bought, renovated (and sometimes sold) several vintage trailers in the last six years. Her latest project is a 1963 Yellowstone. “Sleeping in one of these is just great,” Ms. Arvay said. “Especially at night, if it starts raining. It’s a great sound, the rain on the roof.”Credit…

Sitting in a tiny room wrapped in birchwood the color of honey on a rainy afternoon last week, Kelle Arvay had a look of deep contentment. “It’s hard to describe the feeling of being inside here,” Ms. Arvay said. “It’s comfortable. It’s a real safe-feeling space.”

Ms. Arvay wasn’t describing her two-story house just north of Toledo, Ohio, which she said she finds too big. Instead, she had invited a visitor into her little domestic getaway: a 1955 Bellwood travel trailer. The 13-foot-long trailer sits under a carport in Ms. Arvay’s side yard, its rounded aluminum shell exemplifying all that is sleek and sturdy about mid-century design… read more >

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