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A poignant vignette of West Coast living

In a three-week-long road trip, photographer Owen Tozer and journalist Matt Barr document the influence of Californian board sports culture.

Looking Sideways Vol. 1, Owen Tozer and Matt Barr’s first book, explores the myths and realities of Californian board sports culture from an outsider’s perspective. Traversing North America’s Golden State, speaking to friends and strangers, they paint a vivid picture of the wider impact that surfing has had on wider culture. Below is an exclusive excerpt from writer Matt Barr.

“Your California trip? It was a pilgrimage.”

Sometimes, you need somebody else to point out the obvious. In this case, it was my friend Jamie Brisick.

It was February 2020, and I was out for dinner in London with Jamie and photographer Owen Tozer. Over Vietnamese food and cold beers, we were discussing the trip I’d taken to California the year before, an odyssey that began in San Francisco and continued, via Lake Tahoe, to Los Angeles, where I had met up with Owen. From there, the two of us spent ten days travelling south to San Diego… read more >

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