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A Proper Deuce

At some point in every car lover’s life, he or she will come across the term “deuce coupe.” The slang is shorthand for a 1932 Ford passenger car in coupe form. On a more rudimentary level, a coupe is a car body type with two doors and a fixed roof, but the word “coupe” has even older roots from the days of the horse-drawn buggy and means a carriage designed for two passengers and a driver. In more modern times, a coupe body style is further differentiated from a two-door sedan as having no integral door frame surrounding its window, but at the time of the 1932 Ford, doors without integrated window frames (a body style called a hardtop) had not been invented… read more >

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This exceptionally roomy tow rig was aptly named “Ultruvan” and was based on a 1970 1-Ton Ford Econoline Club Wagon. The custom conversion kept the

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End of the Rainbow

“Hey, Glumface, next time there’s a rainbow look up! You’ll feel better, and you might see me too.” — Rainbow Brite Bumping into you at

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Rare Bird

It’s easy to think we know everything there is to about the most romanticized eras of racing. Yet as newly discovered documents from the development

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Skater life

I was a real skateboarder – not a gifted skateboarder. I represented that skateboarding was fun to do by being terrible at it. – Lance

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