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A Rolled Up Sock With a Face? WTF Were The Popples?!

The Popples were a toy and cartoon from 1986 of brightly colored bears that could tuck into a ball. They were created by Those Characters From Cleveland and were sold to Hasbro in 2018. They would lead to a reboot Netflix series in 2015.

I honestly thought the Popples were OK. My sister and neighbors were into them, and sometimes you just had to watch what was on when you didn’t have a say in anything else. I remember thinking the concept was kind of cool and the cartoon wasn’t bad. I was maybe 9, so I could still get on board with any form of stuffed animal; it wasn’t all just COBRA Commander and the Dinobots.

The Popples were a perfect blend of very bright colors that was hard for a kid to ignore whether it was in toy form or on a cartoon. The Popples didn’t have a super long run during the ‘80s and might not be totally remembered by everyone. There was enough interest however to reintroduce them on Netflix in 2015, of course, they’ll put pretty much anything on there now… read more >

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