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A Tamiya Wild One That You Can Actually Drive

To some younger Gen X-ers and older Millennials, the name Tamiya is synonymous with nostalgic afternoons wiled away at workbenches or in the dirt. Kids would assemble their remote-controlled Wild One buggies and send them across the roughest terrain in the neighborhood, often imagining themselves at the wheel. But driving a Wild One needn’t remain a fantasy, as Tamiya has licensed its Wild One design to the makers of the Bugatti Baby II, The Little Car Company, which will release a human-sized Wild One next year.

Like the one-tenth scale 1985 original and its 2012 re-release, the Tamiya Wild One MAX will be a homebuilt electric buggy kit, but this time at eight times the original’s size. From its bucket seat-equipped cockpit, the driver can actuate its steering, Brembo brakes, and fully electric drivetrain, which The Little Car Company will produce with varying horsepower outputs, top speeds, and ranges… read more >

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