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Alice was about greasy-spoon Mel’s Diner and the waitresses who worked there

The sitcom Alice, aired on CBS from August 31, 1976, to March 19, 1985. It stars Linda Lavin in the title role. Her character is a widow who moves with her young son to start life over again. She finds a job working at a roadside diner, Mel’s Diner to be exact. Most of the episodes revolve around this greasy spoon located in a suburb of Phoenix, Arizona.

The waitresses at Mel’s Diner were Vera (played by Beth Howland), Alice (Linda Lavin), and a rather spunky waitress named Flo, played by Polly Holliday. Flo was known for constantly saying, “Kiss My Grits!” This catchphrase became widely popular at the time the show was on the air. h/t >

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