Alucarda: Demonic possession, Satan worship, vampirism, and nunsploitation!

Alucarda is a 1977 English-language Mexican supernatural horror film directed by Juan López Moctezuma, and starring Tina Romero, Claudio Brook, Susana Kamini, and David Silva. In a derelict mansion, a dying and regretful Lucy Westenra gives birth to the demonic CHILD OF DRACULA! Spirited away to a monastery, the infant girl is raised in secret and strictness, unaware of her unholy origin. until the arrival of the beautiful Justine, when the now-teen ALUCARDA (it’s “a Dracula” backwards; not sure if you caught that) becomes haunted by demonic visions and discovers her awakening illicit lesbian desires…and also the POWER TO MAKE NUNS EXPLODE WITH HER MIND!!! Read more >

Alucarda 1977 Vintage Men’s T-Shirt

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