Amando de Ossorio’s Blind Dead Tetralogy

Spanish director Amando de Ossorio died the same year as Lucio Fulci, at roughly the same age. However, Ossorio’s death did not spark much of a resurgence of interest in his work, as was the case with Fulci. Both directors were capable of inspired craftsmanship, even when their material was extremely poor. On the other hand, both were also capable of falling flat on their faces. Both made their most enduring statements in the zombie subgenre, Fulci with a cycle of movies beginning with Zombie 2 in 1979, and Ossorio with his “Blind Dead” tetralogy (1971 – 75). Yet I think it’s highly unlikely that Ossosio will ever achieve the posthumous regard that Fulci has been given, in spite of the obvious talent he displayed in the “Blind Dead” series… read more >

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