Amazing Story Behind the Famous Woodstock Bus and Hieronimus’ Painted Car

“Light” the Woodstock Bus was a Volkswagen 1963 Model Year Kombi. Painted on commission by Bob Hieronimus in 1968, it went to Woodstock without him in 1969. “The VW bus I painted in 1968 for Bob Grimm of the band “Light” which he drove with Rick Peters, Trudy Morgul and Walt Bailey to the original Woodstock in 1969. I was heavily involved in my mural commissions and in founding the AUM Esoteric Study Center at that time, and decided not to attend this legendary concert. But the bright colors and occult symbols I had painted on the “Light” bus caught the attention of several photographers in attendance, and images of this bus continue to pop up in retrospective articles, CD compilations and other promotional pieces about Woodstock. Many of these photos can be seen… read more >

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