Arizona Was Home To The First McDonald’s Drive-Thru In America, And Its History Is Fascinating

If you spend a lot of time in the McDonald’s drive-thru, you can credit Arizona for its existence. The popular fast-food chain opened its very first drive-thru window in Sierra Vista – and the story behind it is fascinating. No matter where you live, the next time you’re sitting in the drive-thru line at McDonald’s on the way to work, you can thank Arizona. Sierra Vista, a mid-sized city about three hours southeast of Phoenix, is where the concept of the McDonald’s drive-thru originated. The history behind the installation of the drive-thru is actually quite fascinating. Sierra Vista is a military town, with Fort Huachuca located nearby. Soldiers were not allowed to walk around in uniform, so there needed to be a way to serve them in their cars. In 1975, the very first McDonald’s drive-thru was born… read more >

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