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Ashy Slashy’s Hardware & Sex Toy Emporium

This store made its first appearance in season two of Ash vs. Evil Dead as Brock Williams Hardware Store when Ash and the gang move back to his hometown of Elk Grove, Michigan. At that time it was already closed off and wasn’t in use for several years. Brock, the original owner of the shop, retired and left the place unattended. The store reappeared in the third season and after Brock died, Ash renamed and redesigned the building into Ashy Slashy’s Hardware & Sex Toy Emporium. The place still remained a hardware store, but after Ash became the hero of the town, he wanted to capitalize on his newfound fame, so along with the regular lineup of tools and hardware items, the store now also started to sell Ashy Slashy memorabilia and sex toys.

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