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Aubrey Plaza on trying to be normal

Aubrey Plaza knows people expect her to do “the Aubrey Plaza thing.” Deadpan voice. Wide eyes. A mocking smile. All of it dripping with sarcasm. “It’s a lifelong pickle that I’ve found myself in,” says the star of Parks and Recreation over Zoom from her LA home. “I’ve had so many moments where I’ll say something very sincerely and people will completely think that I’m taking the piss out of them.”

I fall victim to that myself a few times. When Plaza blows her nose for a full 20 seconds at the start of our interview – “Don’t listen to me! Oh my God that was gross” – I wonder if she’s doing a bit. When a large vehicle starts loudly reversing outside her window and, Plaza clutches her head and wails, “Why? Why is this happening?”, I worry that she’s genuinely having a breakdown. Even when she is serious and sincere – and she is for most of the conversation – it’s hard not to feel the urge to laugh… read more >

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