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Ok, so the owners of Barbarian clearly missed an opportunity to call this beast ‘Barbarivan,’ but I guess that ship has sailed. Barbarian was a 1976 GMC van monster truck owned by Bruce Gault out of San Jose, California. It was sold and later grew a little bigger before being rechristened as Pure Hell and then Fire Monster. Fire Monster competed in events in hte ’90s, and had a flame throwing engine in it. It would then be rebodied with a then later model van and change hands many times, the flamethrower was removed, and it is currently the Redneck Road Trip Ride. While I love the real big monsters trucks, there is something rad about these early monsters that were still somewhat streetable and could be wheeled on the weekend without a flatbed semi and a support team… wish I could find more pics of this one in the early days.


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