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Bartender Confidential

Jessica Schlitz is a career bartender. Over the years, she’s worked all over Milwaukee, mostly Downtown and in Riverwest, and, at one point, owned the long-gone Orbit in Walker’s Point. With her years of experience, the 46-year-old Mequon native has seen a lot. But now that she’s not currently bartending, she’s willing to tell the stories most bartenders would never divulge. We caught up with Schlitz at the Uptowner, a bar she worked at for years, where the regulars give her hugs and still expect her to pour shots. Her answers to our questions are surprisingly frank and honest. Welcome to Bartender Confidential… read more >

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Grilled Cheese

“Cloud root beer floats and moon grilled cheeses… but their favorite food is stardust.” ― Michelle Cuevas, Confessions of an Imaginary Friend Chalet Petit Gruyere

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Head Count

2017 saw the launch of Harley-Davidson’s new Milwaukee-Eight engine, so called due to its single-cam-actuated eight valves. Making 88.5bhp @ 5450rpm and 111lb-ft @ 32540rpm,

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