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Beast King GoLion

Beast King GoLion (百獣王ゴライオン Hyakujūō Goraion?, King of the Beasts GoLion) is a Japanese super robot anime television series. The animation from GoLion was edited and trimmed to create the Lion version of the U.S. Voltron: Defender of the Universe series, with new names and dialogue, as well as several plot changes. In 2008, GoLion was released on Region 1 DVD in three volumes.

Thousands of years ago, GoLion was an arrogant robot who, after defeating several beastmen, tried to challenge the Goddess of the Universe to battle, but failed. To teach him humility, the goddess separated him into five pieces in the form of five lion robots that sailed through space and crash-landed on Altea, to lay in wait for those who would one day reawaken him to fight evil once again.

GoLion’s main story is set in 1999, when the planet Altea had already been subdued and enslaved by the Galra Empire sixteen years prior. Five space pilots from the Fuji Flight Academy — Akira Kogane, Isamu Kurogane, Takashi Shirogane, Tsuyoshi Seidou, and Hiroshi Suzuishi — return to Earth from a space mission only to find Tokyo and the rest of the planet annihilated by thermonuclear war. Eventually, the explorers are captured and enslaved by the Galra, and forced to fight for their lives in Emperor Daibazaal’s arena. The young pilots escape and eventually land on the planet Altea, where they discover the secret of the mighty sentient robot GoLion, the only one powerful enough to defeat Emperor Daibazaal’s forces… learn more >

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