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Beer Coolers

When we were teenagers in the ’80s, hard liquor was hard to come by, but beer was everywhere. Whether it was the decoy cases the beer truck driver left out for us to skate by and grab instead of the good stuff or what friends that worked at the local Mexican place smuggled out, beer was easy to get. With that said, not everyone was into beer, especially the girlies, so we invented beer coolers. WTF are beer coolers, you ask? It was beer mixed with Kool-Aid.

I don’t recall the exact mix, but that’s probably because I’ve blocked it out of my mind in favor of actual adult beverages I enjoy now that taste good. Nonetheless, you make a pitcher of Kool-Aid, but maybe with half the water and then the other half is beer, preferably of a light varietal. After you have a couple, they actually start to taste more like wine coolers, so big thanks to Jenny’s mom for working so that we could spend long days getting loaded in your hot tub 😎

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