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Beloved Slot-Car Racing Spot Buzz-A-Rama Closes For Good

The beloved venue for slot-car racing, Buzz-a-Rama in Kensington, Brooklyn, is now closed for good. The shop, which was opened in 1965 by Buzz and Dolores Perri had several electrified racing tracks, vintage arcade games, and dusty glass displays selling tiny slot-car racing parts. It’s likely the last slot-car racing joint in New York City.

Inside, there was no music, no flashing lights, just the hum of cars zipping around a track, and the occasional scream when one flipped over speeding around a corner, which would inevitably happen. While there were a few arcade games, the owners unplugged them during birthday parties, so kids could focus on the racing. And the fact that the shop lasted as long as it did is evidence that humans still crave the simple analog pleasure of watching shiny things zip around in circles… read more >

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