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Bench Seat Magic

Before you write this story off as just another “auto journalist yearns for the past,” article, hear me out. The coronavirus, a shift towards electromobility, and the current “van life” trend have all come together into the perfect moment for the return of the bench seat—one of the greatest features in all of automotive history. Here’s what I mean.

If you’re a product planner in the auto industry, you’re looking to not only equip your future vehicle with the tech and safety features that folks shopping in your segment are looking for, but you’re also keen to make your car stand out. You’re seeking a feature that you can market as a fun, whiz-bang option—something that your dealers can mention to get buyers excited… read more >

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This would make work in even the shittiest office more tolerable. #DayDrinking #DrunkAtWork #VintageVendingMachine #Whiskey #IceCold #liquorshop Old Horsey Rye Whisky 1839 Vintage Men’s T-Shirt

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