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Blaxploitation Classic: TALES From The QuadeaD Zone

Any horror cinephile worth their salt knows TALES From The QuadeaD Zone, the 1987 direct to VHS disasterpiece that is so terrible that it’s become a cult classic.

Here’s an infallible theory. Shot on video (SOV) horror films in the 1980s were busted out to get feet in doors, mess around, or make money. Sometimes it worked on all accounts (Blood Cult), but more often than not, nothing happened (Fatal Images). Every SOV spectacle from that golden era could be examined and rationalized along those lines. Until now.

TALES From The QuadeaD Zone, a three-story anthology, is Chester N. Turner’s second and final dig into self-released, SOV sludge. Following up the exhausting-yet-hilarious filth of Black Devil Doll From Hell (1984), Turner and friends are in a very distinctive place. They honed the skillz, cut the sex, and unwittingly churned out the greatest SOV trash film of all time. No exceptions. Logic, be it godly or mortal, has gone missing during QuadeaD’s 62 deranged minutes. Therefore, we must be prepared for anything. Don’t knock ‘em for the plastic Casiotone; take heed of the ceramic titty-mug. In the mind of Chester Turner, these things may be the substance of life… read more >

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