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Bobs Got Balls

It’s often very funny, which is something I never expected to say about a Conjuring film (the difference between this and something like La Llorona is that it is intentionally so), and knows how to pay-off its jokes in a way much like its scares — take, for instance, Mary Ellen’s love interest, a goofy neighbor boy named Bob (Michael Cimino, whom I think is unrelated to the director of The Deer Hunter), whose nickname, “Bob’s got balls” seems to be a quick throwaway gag. But it keeps coming back, and it keeps paying off, all the way until the end, when it becomes overwhelmingly funny in its final repetition. – Excerpt from ‘Annabelle Comes Home’ Review: The nice-core horror we need which can be read in full here >

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Surfer Girl

“I have watched you on the shore, standing by the ocean’s roar. Do you love me? Do you, surfer girl?” Carbonell Surf Shop 1962 Vintage

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It’s finally Christmas

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