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Body by Fisher

You’ve seen the emblem on door-sill plates of Chevy cars going back well into the 1930s. The image of a horse-drawn coach. Symbolized General Motors Fisher Body Division: That coach symbolized precision and quality — attributes that made the mass-produced passenger-car bodies that they engineered, tooled up, stamped, welded, and painted for GM’s five-car divisions between 1919 and 1984 the best in the world. Founded by the Fisher brothers Fred, Charlie, Bill, Larry, Ed, and Al, they were descendants of a German family that immigrated to Northern Ohio, in the 19th century. Together, they would eventually turn the family’s fledgling coach-building business into the maker of high-quality carriages and automobile bodies, whose customers included almost every car maker back in 1908, when the Fisher Body Company was formed. Body by fisher has been a long time favorite of StreetRod and Custom car builders. Over the next decade, the Fisher brothers turned their body-making business into an empire, capable of turning out nearly a half-million car bodies a year. They specialized in closed (fixed-roof) bodies, which made early 20th-century motoring much more weatherproof. In 1910 GM ordered 150 closed-roof Cadillac bodies, which began the long relationship between the brothers’ company that would become the world’s largest automaker… read the full article >

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Low brow, high style

Just like grandma used to make… #BeerCanHat #Crochet #BEER #thrifting #BeerCan #Bud #Psyne #PsyneCo #VintageStyle #TShirt #VintageTShirts #VintageClothing Here’s Bud! 1979 Vintage Men’s T-Shirt

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Real Kragle Glue

While finding a tube of ‘Kragle Glue’ might be near impossible, you can score this sweet vintage style Kragle Glue t-shirt! Instant Kragle 2014 Vintage

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