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Citizens’ Band radio, often simply called CB radio, is a system of short-distance, two-way radio communications using a selection of 40 channels within the 27-MH-z (11 m) band. The Citizens’ Band Radio Service originated in the U.S. in 1945 to provide citizens a radio band for personal communication. It was regulated by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC.)

Originally, there were only 23 channels. The first 22 channels were what used to be an amateur 11-meter band, while channel 23 was shared with radio-controlled devices. Some CBers still refer to it as “11 meters.”

In the 1960s, CBs became popular with small businesses as well as truck drivers and radio enthusiasts. Advanced technology in solid-state circuitry and electronics allowed the weight, size, and cost of radios to decrease. This allowed the general public to enjoy a medium previously only available to specialists. Many CB clubs were formed along with a unique slang language. CBers also used similar emergency service “10-codes.” Read more >

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