C-FUN Radio

Vancouver’s CFUN radio first signed on the air on April 10, 1922 as CJCE with just 5 watts of power. The station underwent several changes over the decades, including several callsign changes and incremental wattage increases to a whopping 1,000 watts. In 1955 the station was sold to Radio C-FUN Ltd. which changed the station’s callsign to CFUN on February 14 of that year. In 1959, CFUN increased power to 10,000 watts and moved their studios to 1900 West 4th Avenue in downtown Vancouver and then introduced a Top 40 music format in 1960 to challenge the supremacy of Vancouver rock-n-roll powerhouse CKWX (the former CFDC). This design represents the station’s original C-FUN mascot which actually stayed with the station in one form or another for two solid decades before being retired.

C-FUN Radio Vancouver 1410 AM 1955 Vintage Men’s T-Shirt

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