Cabin Boys of Michigan

Bruce Campbell put up his family’s property in Northern Michigan as collateral so that Sam Raimi not only could finishThe Evil Dead” (1981), but also blow it up to 35 mm film, which was required for theatrical release. Raimi was so grateful for his financial contribution, he credited him as co-producer.

Raimi and Campbell were friends from high school, where they made many super-8 films together. They would often collaborate with Sam’s brother, Ted Raimi. Campbell became the “actor” of the group, as “he was the one that girls wanted to look at.”

Joel Coen was an assistant editor on the film. This was one of his earliest professional jobs. He and his brother Ethan would produce and make the film “Blood Simple” (1984) three years after the release of this film. In preparing to get funding for that film, the Coens enlisted the help of Campbell and Raimi to help out, and they happily did so. Campbell and Raimi also starred in a short film based on scenes of “Blood Simple” for the Coens to show to potential investors, which proved successful.

The cabin was located in the forest outside the small town of Morristown, Tennessee. Campbell said in his biography that it was later burned down. To this day, the exact circumstances are unknown. Raimi claimed that he burned it down himself after filming, because he believed that the cabin was haunted. However, according to other sources, it burned down years after the film was made, because teenagers illegally went to the cabin and accidentally set it on fire while camping outside of it. Today, the only remaining part of the structure is the fireplace that was specifically built for the film. Additionally, no one will reportedly give out complete directions to the cabin’s location, as too many people have already vandalized the property. H/T Cinema Shorthand Society >

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