Charles Manson’s Failed Attempt to Become a Rock ’n’ Roll Star

Charles Manson got his freedom back in 1967, and he was not going to lose any more time. Soon he built a small army of young impressionable women who were under a spell of hallucinogenic drugs, Manson’s skills that he picked up in the Carnegie classes, and some Freudian psychology. These women were ready to do anything he told them to, including theft and prostitution. He called them the Family. One day, a couple of Manson’s followers were picked up by Dennis Wilson, a member of the Beach Boys. He took the girls back to his beach house, and they called Charlie, who showed up with drugs, his guitar, and a few more willing young women. Wilson was fascinated by Manson… read more >

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Juggalo Baby

“Sometimes when I’m down, I think about how my parents were Juggalos and smile.” – Ace, Former Juggalo Baby So Much For The Pill 1973

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