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Cheap Trick at ChicagoFest

I had a random concert conversation with a colleague of mine, Jonathan. He asked me if I could guess which Chicago venue he had seen Cheap Trick in 1981. I rattled off several popular Chicago venues coming close, then I gave up. He had seen Cheap Trick at Navy Pier during ChicagoFest; the precursor to Taste of Chicago.

Then on Thursday, I received an email from Jonathan with a funny message saying, “This was where I saw Cheap Trick. I was the Sound Engineer… not really.” His message also included a four-minute YouTube Video showing the beginning of the festival and Cheap Trick performing “Stop This Game.” Watching this live concert flashback was fantastic.

Seeing Chicago’s Navy Pier 28 years ago –complete with a panoramic view of the Taste of Chicago roots and CT fans in 1981 paying for tickets and rushing the stage—was a fascinating sociological and cultural anthropological live music flashback… read more >

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