Cheeburger, Cheeburger, Cheeburger

It was Season Three of Saturday Night Live and the original cast – save for Chevy Chase who bolted for a movie career following the show’s first year – was still intact. The sketch comedy series was cooking as the writers and actors began hitting their stride, and it became a coveted water cooler show among its growing audience of young adults and college students recalling that weekend’s gut-busting (and envelope-pushing) favorite new characters.

On January 28, 1978, comedian Robert Klein was the show’s guest host for Episode 10. More on that below*. (The musical guest was Bonnie Raitt, then just 28-years-old.) A sketch begins and the camera shows Dan Aykroyd as the cook making burgers at a neighborhood restaurant, The Olympia. A cigarette dangles from his lips. The camera pans, Garrett Morris walks in and sits at the counter. Jane Curtin looks up from her menu and orders a tuna salad sandwich and an order of french fries… read more >

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