Cher doing some fancy roller skating at Venice Beach in 1979

The Goddess of Pop wasn’t the only one capable of fancy footwork on roller skates! Cher was just one of many big-name celebrities that dove into the rollerskating craze of the ’70s. Brooke Shields, Farrah Fawcett, and even Patrick Swayze could be found on roller skates during the groovy era. In fact, celebrity interest did a world of wonders to reinforce the fad and is probably the reason it lasted so long. As could be expected, the skate craze caught the interest of Hollywood filmmakers. Soon, scripts with storylines centered around skating were being shot faster than they could be written. There are more roller skating films in existence than there ever should be, but Skatetown U.S.A., Linda Blair’s Roller Boogie, and of course, Olivia Newton-John’s Xanadu are the only ones that matter. H/T Groovy History >

Skate King 1974 Vintage Men’s Hoodie

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