Choo Choo Customs helped Chevy deliver a proper-looking El Camino SS

Choo Choo Customs built far more vans than it did El Camino SSs, but to many fans, the spiced-up utes are the company’s crowning achievements. Despite their sometimes-ostentatious paint schemes, the van conversions often take a cushy back seat to the El Camino SS, a vehicle that never had a back seat at all. Today, Choo Choo Customs’ El Camino SS has a loyal following. While the low-production SS doesn’t bring a tremendous premium over its normal ute brethren, several solid examples have sold recently on Bring a Trailer, with prices settling around $12K. Well-bought utes like this example make for head-turning, conversation-starting collectibles that double as the ultimate ’80s parts hauler and grocery getter… read more >

Choo Choo Customs 1975 Vintage Men’s T-Shirt

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