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Chuck Potvin, The Original Hot Rodder

Potvin Automotive was operated by Chuck Potvin of Anaheim, California, and was located on North Los Angeles Street and East Wilhelmina in Anaheim, California. Chuck was first introduced to the world of racing in the year of 1937. He and a buddy named Doug Hartelt was out rabbit-hunting at El Mirage Dry Lake, they were driven up for a weekend of camping and hunting. However, their shooting got attention from SCTA members who were holding a race meet in the same area. The young boys were asked if they could stop shooting, as compensation for being asked to stop shooting, Chuck and Doug were offered to take their 1932 Ford roadster through the speed traps. This incident sparked the boy’s interest in racing, Doug would become a successful race driver and engine builder while Chuck opened his speed equipment shop. Chuck along with Doug, Dick Kraft, Kenny Lindley, and the Palm brothers formed a car club named the Plutocrats while they attended Anaheim High School

Potvin crank drive blower on the Moonbeam

between 1935 and 1939. Ron Roseberry of R&L Chassis in Anaheim remembered that Chuck once told him how he got into designing camshafts, It was Chuck’s high school shop teacher who showed him the mathematical equations necessary for fundamental camshaft lobe design and the technical aspects of camshaft grinding. The club was disbanded after the graduation in 1940, instead, they became members of the Hollywood Lancers, later known as just the Lancers… read more >

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